Essentially, mindfulness is teaching your mind to be present.
In essence, it's very simple but when an individual begins practising it for the first time, it can seem very difficult. Our minds are used to racing around at an incredible speed, jumping from thought to thought. We are often lost in regrets about the past or worries about the future & are rarely awake to the present moment. With patient & persistent training our minds gradually settle down & we begin to live with a greater awareness of the present moment & our inner emotional & mental states. This non-judgmental awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence, healthy social relationships & sound mental health.

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Youth Nurture is currently identifying Program & Course locations for 2018. If you would like more information, please contact us.

For Schools

16hr Program £500.00

Wellbeing is evolving within the Scottish Government objectives for school aged children. Giving young people the gift of mindfulness is an amazing way to enhance pupils early academic life - supporting learning & teaching life skills such as relaxation techniques to improve concentration.

Breakfast courses are an ideal time to guide children towards a productive day, while after school courses can support evening relaxation & interaction with siblings & parents.

If you have identified a group of young people you feel may benefit from our Mindfulness Program (16hrs) in their school - please get in touch!

After School Courses

£99.00 per program or £8.00 per child

Venues are currently being explored for 2018 to bring Mindfulness to your area. Classes are small to maximise effects & benefits. Your child's first class is free & we encourage parents & guardians to sit in on this session.

Private Courses

£290.00 per program or £20.00 per session

Ideal for children who struggle in groups or may benefit from extra support. Children who are demonstrating challenging behaviours, living with anxiety or experiencing problems at school, in particular benefit most from mindfulness. The first session is free & we encourage parents to remain during this initial stage.

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Being Present

Mindfulness is taught in a highly systematic way. We begin by focusing students attention on one object - most often the sensations of breathing. Our minds are natural wanderers, often becoming distracted by thoughts, sounds & emotions.

The learning practice involves training our attention again & again to come back to the present moment. Gradually, the mind becomes quieter & more concentrated allowing students to maintain present-moment awareness for longer periods of time.

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Further Benefits

Accompanying mindfulness training of attention, is the cultivation of non-reactivity & non-judgment. This surge in interest has been driven by an ever-growing body of evidence consistently demonstrating the beneficial effects of mindfulness.

Numerous studies prove that daily mindfulness practice can have a profound impact on our emotional wellbeing, our physical health, our ability to cope with stress or challenges & the quality of our relationships with friends, family & co-workers.

The Science

In recent years the interest in mindfulness among the scientific community has grown exponentially, with leading researchers at institutions around the world – including Oxford, Cambridge, UCLA, Stanford & Harvard investigating the effects of mindfulness training.

New brain scanning technologies have revealed that not only does the activity of the brain change from moment to moment but that the actual architecture of the brain itself can change. New synaptic connections can form among brain cells & new brain cells can develop in a process called neurogenesis. It is a result of this capacity for growth that mindfulness training can cause such profound changes in the brain.

Consistent practice has been shown to lead to growth of key brain regions associated with emotional regulation, concentration and self-control, and reductions in grey-matter density of the amygdala – the region of the brain central to the stress response, fear and anxiety.

Our Kids Program

The Youth Mindfulness Kids programme is a 16-lesson introduction for 7 to 11 year olds with a strong emphasis on experiential learning. Lessons build up sequentially, introducing & exploring new facets of mindfulness with each lesson.

The first six lessons focus on cultivating the foundationals of mindfulness - intention, attention & attitude. As the course progresses, children learn to cultivate gratitude, handle difficult thoughts & emotions, before finally developing kindness towards themselves & others. The key foundations of mindfulness - paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity & warmth - are continually strengthened throughout all lessons.

For more information please contact us.