How much time did you spend rushing around today?
Have you ever sat down in the evening & thought "What did I actually experience today?" For most adults, life is a sequence of responsibilties & we long for the weekend where we can catch up with even more! As we develop into adulthood most simply accept this is life - but what if just a few simple changes to this thought process could improve your overall wellbeing?

More crucially perhaps, what if you were able to teach these process to your children as they grow - so that they experience a greater self worth, greater empathy & deeper compassion for others?
--- Welcome to Youth Nurture!

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Youth nurture has many facets and its future- to build the resilience and self esteem of young people. To give them the tools to manoeuvre their way in the twenty first century. Giving them the skills to manage their own mental health and grow into happy and healthy adults.

Resilience is 'the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties', it can determine if we fight or crumble when life gets hard, it can govern our choices to ‘show up’ in life, between success and non-success. Studies now show that resilience can be learnt, this is down to brain elasticity. Many years ago, it was felt our brain was fixed, you stopped leaning ‘soft skills’ once you stared school, from then on you were you, you just learnt the formal skills to get a job, pretty much like a robot. It was later discovered that the brain can be trained to learn anything we wished. Many studies have been conducted and many brain scans taken, and the clear conclusion is that anyone can learn anything they choose.

Balding resilience is a life long journey & we want to give young people the tools to harness resilience and intern increase self-esteem.

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What Is Mindfulness?

Essentially, mindfulness is teaching young people how to recognise their own emotional worth, conciously relate to others in a positive, compassionate manner & to resolve everyday conflicts in a positive manner.

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How It Works

Life demands we process the immediate at breakneck speed & sometimes we react without thinking. By re-training the mind to better consider the present, we harness greater self-awareness, resulting in more balanced reactions.

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Youth Nurture

Mindfulness holds the potential to deliver a transformative impact on the lives of young people, ultimately leading to a more balanced, happier & compassionate society - & that all begins with flexible minds!

Who Are We?

Founder Emma Roberts discovered mindfulness later in life than she might have wished. Graduating in Social Work BA(Hons), she still felt something was missing & yearned to reach people in a more emotionally fundamental, than practical manner.

Following a mindfulness course for her personal benefit she began to employ her new learning with her young son. Seeing the positive impact this had, she realised that in teaching children to acknowledge & manage their feelings, not only will they be happier but the positive ripple can flow into every aspect of their current & future life.

"Research into these areas is growing at an incredible rate. A substantial & growing body of evidence demonstrates a myriad of positive effects, from improvements in optimism, resilience, emotional wellbeing & positive relationships, to reductions in aggression, depression, anxiety & chronic pain - & we feel this is something worth exploring..."

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Enhancing Wellbeing

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Well, who wouldn't fancy being the captain of their own wellbeing!